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10 Reasons Why a Cruise is the Best Getaway for Couples


The dream and desire for REST and RELAXATION appeals to every couple. Daily routine and the collected stress of life however tax even the closest of relationships...Many couples have discovered the power of going on a CRUISE in restoring rest and helping them reconnect and restore their relationship.

Why is cruising so attractive to couples? What are the reasons why a couple should go cruising? Based on my research, below are the top 10 reasons why cruising is a smart travel choice for couples.


"Unplugging" forces the focus towards the relationship for a week.

Couples are wired in so many directions, both professionally and personally.  Cruising allows you to disconnect from your devices.  Enjoy a more peaceful setting - the breeze of the ocean air and a radiant sunset near the horizon line.  These moments allow you to recall and remember and reprioritize life.  Cruising gives you space to think clearer and embrace the simpler things of your journey together as a couple.

Experience being Pampered - 5 star service

Expect nightly turn-down  services.  Mints on your pillow.  Butlers dedicated to delivering personal and customized service in suite accommodations. Head waiters. Assistant waiter and possibly a Sommelier to be present to your every need at dinner.  Expect to be treated like royalty - this is hallmark to the cruise experience.      

8412979535_8978e2962d_zPre-planned Activities and Entertainment - You just have to show up!

Cruising on a ship comes with a full day of pre- planned fun activities and extraordinary live entertainment, filled with adventure and excitement. What does that mean?  Couples spend less time planning what to do and scheduling their day, allowing them the time to experience moments together. This pre-planned schedule on a cruise opens up opportunities for you and your partner to cultivate more memories together.

Date night. Every nightsunset-13444_640

Enjoy a date night every night on a cruise with your partner. Dress in your best every night and take your partner out for an elegant dining experience. Then, dash away to the floor and impress others with your sick dance moves. Get lavished by a crew staff eager to spoil you with their top service. Rejuvenate your romance on a cruise today.

Allow yourself to be a "Foodie" for a week

Your cruise is full of boundless culinary choices for the foodie in you. World-renowned chefs delivering delectable plates equal one thing: a flavorful cuisine in front of you at every meal.  Whether you want to dine at an elegant multi course gourmet selection or a more relaxed setting - ready to fulfill a craving, or the decadent desserts, your cruise fare is sure to satisfy with delicious and tasty bites. There are many choices on a cruise ship to tantalize your taste buds.


Walk away from a cruise ship experience with the confidence knowing you took a vacation. You won't need a vacation after returning back from your cruise vacation. Cruising is a simple option - your cruise and conference planners can complete all the details. Board your cruise ship with all your trip expenses nearly prepaid. Now this is simplicity in action!

Beach and palm trees on Koh Pha Ngan; ThailandWinter Cruises let you escape the "Cold Season" with a breath of Warm Tropical Air.

Leave your extra layers at home. You’ll enjoy the deep blue skies and the warm rays of the sun. Cruising in the tropical region - Turk Islands and Dominican Republic - delivers a warm climate right in the middle of your cold season. Embrace and enjoy the tropical weather today.

Sail to new Regions

There's nothing like experiencing something NEW to help rejuvenate romance. A Cruise is the perfect way to see, and experience something new.

Walk on the beautiful sand beaches of the Turk Islands.  Explore the trails to new places. Experience the flight of an exotic bird -  Cuchareta - take flight across the skies.  Soak in the Caribbean rays in your own cabana or beach lounge chair.  Hike to a nearby newly-discovered waterfall on the Island of Amber Cover.  Cruising allows you to discover areas hard to reach by land.  Cruise towards your adventures.

Ship’s Grandeursail-away--v10574759-cc-720

A ship is really a moving city, filled with a dedicated staff and crew aimed at providing an exceptional cruising experience. Cruise ships are designed with all of the amenities to provide a couple with the  perfect atmosphere to rest, relax, rekindle connection again.

Focused Time and Space

Cruising gives couples access to an environment where they can center their focus on each other. Whether it is a late night conversation near the bow of the boat or a face to face exchange over a morning brunch, cruising builds a space for couples to experience recharge and greater satisfaction.  

"Couples@Sea" takes Couples on Cruises where they can focus on their relationship.

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